Date Vinegar

Fill a glass container with medjool dates and distilled water. Add a spoonful of sugar and a drop of mother vinegar. Cover with a cheesecloth or tea towel and leave to stand at room temperature for about a week. After a week remove the dates and continue to let the water stand for a further 4 weeks. The water should be a dark brown colour. Strain and put in a bottle. Date vinegar is similar to balsamic vinegar and is tasty splashed over freshly sliced tomatoes.

* mother vinegar is a fermenting bacteria culture used to make vinegar — an acetobacter that develops in fermenting alcohol and converts the ethanol into acetic acid. Fermenting bacteria can be found in sourdough and vinegar. Mother vinegar is made by leaving a small amount of vinegar in a sealed bottle somewhere warm and dark for 2 months to ferment. Once it has fermented this can be used to start the fermenting process in new batches of vinegar.