Pistachio Nut Cream

The Receipt book of Elizabeth Raper 1770 (London: No Nonesuch Press, 1924)

Home Studies Collection, Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collections

  • Pistachio nut kernels
  • milk
  • a pint of cream
  • 2 egg yolks
  • spinach juice
  • half a preserved orange

Take half a pound of pistachio nut kernels, blanch and beat all of them (except about a dozen, keep them to slice and lay on the cream). With a little milk then put in a pint of cream with the yolks of two eggs, sweeten it, to this quantity put a spoonful of spinach juice, strained, half a preserved orange beaten, set it all over the fire and let it just boil. When you send it up (to the dining room) put the sliced Kernels on the top. If you like it thick you may add the white of one egg.