Apricot Paste

A Queen's Delight or the Art of Preserving, Conserving and Candying (1696) author and publisher unknown. 

Home Studies Collection, Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collections

  • apricots
  • rose water
  • sugar

Take your apricots and halve them and stone them, then boil them tenderly between two dishes on a chafing dish of coals; then being cold, lay it forth on a white sheet of paper; then take as much sugar as it does weigh, and boil it to a candy height, with as much rose water and fair water as will melt the sugar, then put the pulp into the sugar, and let it boil until it is as thick as marmalade, now and then stirring it, then fashion it upon a pie plate like to half apricots to the other, and when they are dry they will be as clear as amber and eat much better than apricot itself.